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For a while there were no personal computers – they were mostly used by big companies and engineers. That is why, in 1984, when Apple introduced the Mac computer, it revolutionized the way we live. As a computer that could be used by anyone, Mac has developed into a range of laptops, desktop computers, and servers. Today we all know the models like iMac and Mac Book.

Many online gambling fans have been searching for a good Mac casino that allowed you to play online games in Canada. We’ve decided to compile a list of Mac casino services available online. Now you can enjoy your favorite games sitting behind your Mac computer anywhere in Canada. In our reviews you will find all kinds of information on every Canadian online casino there is, complete with their withdrawal rates, range of games, bonuses, and other features.

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Pros of Gambling with a Canada Mac Casino

When the notion of online casino wasn’t as common in the gambling world of Canada as it is nowadays, Mac casinos were even harder to find. While Windows users got to play their favourite games using any site they liked, owners of Mac computers had to wait until online gambling would come to Mac. Finally their prayers have been answered, and today Mac users can take full advantage of any Canadian online casino site.

Now you can access an online gambling site regardless of what kind of a Mac computer you own, not only in Canada, but also around the world.

Get the Most out of a Mac Online Casino

In the past few years the number of Mac users has grown significantly, which is why the gambling world had to take the Mac community into account. Now more and more renowned casino sites have a selection of games compatible with Mac computers. All you need to play your favourite games on your beloved Mac device in a casino is a casino site and a web browser

Mac plus Windows: Use It to Your Advantage

Luckily for many casino players, any version of Windows OS can run on a Mac computer, which gives you more freedom to choose the way you want to play. You can play in a Windows-exclusive casino or choose a casino that was designed specifically for Mac – either way you’re guaranteed to have top notch gambling experience. Since Mac devices are usually more advanced in terms of graphics and speed, it may turn out that you enjoy your Mac casino even more than Windows gambling options.

Secure Gambling

When you play in an online casino, security is your number one priority. Apple realizes this fact, which is why the security mechanisms employed in Mac computers are second to none. However, in order to keep your computer and your data safe, you need to take some safety precautions. Even though Mac offers thorough protection against malware and viruses, you should always check that you’re using a safe internet connection and there is a security checker installed on your Mac.

How to Play in a Canadian Web Casino

The first thing to do before diving into the world of web gambling is to sign up for the casino you’ve chosen. Then you have three main options to choose from.

Three Solutions for Gambling on your Mac

Instant Play

In most cases, a Mac casino doesn’t have a separate app for you to download, which is why most Mac users prefer to use the instant play version of a casino. It can be launched almost immediately from your browser – all you have to do is click play, type in your login information and start enjoying the games. Here are a few tips on how to make your casino experience even more comfortable.

  • Add a bookmark of the casino to your browser so that you don’t have to look for the link next time you want to play.
  • Make sure the internet connection on your computer is fast enough, otherwise the casino can be lagging, which not only can be annoying, but can also stand in your way of winning big. Another thing that will help you enjoy smooth gaming is closing down other apps, so that they don’t eat up any of your Mac’s RAM.
  • Use the latest version of the browser that includes the updates to the security mechanisms, as well as upgraded technology that will make your gaming experience even better, like Flash and Java, which are widely used by casinos worldwide.


Mac Apps for Gambling

More and more casino websites provide a selection of downloadable apps that allow you to launch games directly from your desktop. The variety of games available for download will satisfy even the pickiest player, while the outstanding quality of the software will give you a seamless experience. Don’t forget to use the security checker to make sure the apps and files you download are completely free of viruses and other types of malware.

Virtual Software

Although the range of games for Apple computers grows every year, it is still rather small, compared to the variety of software offered for Windows. Your best solution in this situation is to run Windows OS on your Apple computer with the help of a special app – for example, Parallels or Fusion. They let you effortlessly launch Windows on your Apple device, which means you will be able to run any casino game you want, since most of them are targeted directly at Windows users


Mac casino FAQ

How safe is gaming on Apple computers?

You’ll be happy to know that playing casino games on Apple is not only absolutely safe, but it’s also often safer than running the same software on Windows, since Apple’s security mechanisms are more advanced and ensure better protection against malware. You can enjoy gambling without any fear of your data being compromised thanks to the encryption software used by the websites.

How to know if my computer is compatible with the casino?

If you want to know if a website or app will run on your computer, it’s very easy to find out. Simply look at the extension of the downloadable file. If it ends with .exe, it means that it was designed for Windows and won’t run on your device, while .dmg and .pkg files are exactly what you need.

Can I play without downloading?

Yes, you can! In fact, it may be the best solution for people who don’t have access to Windows OS or who can’t download the app to their computer. There are hundreds of games you can play online using just your Apple computer and your web browser.

How fair are the games?

Thanks to random number generators and official licenses from top gambling authorities you can enjoy completely fair gambling.

Is there a welcome bonus?

Yes, like most casinos, Apple gambling sites provide a bonus to their new players. Depending on the website you choose, you can get up to C$1,000 for your first deposit.

Can I play without paying?

Yes, you can play for free. Most casinos allow you to create a practice account, where you can enjoy your favourite games for free until you feel confident enough to deposit real money.