Triple Diamond

Triple Diamond slots bring players into intriguing virtual challenge, where getting the biggest price is always possible. Once the previous version of the game, Double Diamond, has gained its huge success, the developers, IGT Company, have launched its current version, with few significant improvements. The game has appeared on the current market only few years ago, but due to numerous professional software solutions of International Game Technology (IGT) Company, it already has a great base of followers. This impressive and highly functional online slot machine is extremely popular worldwide, and remains one of the top games in IGT collection. In the same time, the company already has a real empire of classic slots, thus it can offer many benefits for players.

Triple Diamond remains an advanced IGT online classic tournament, offering modern gaming solutions together with benefits of classic games. The game demonstrates its benefits for every player, who can appreciate the easiness and convenience of classic tournaments, over huge payouts of video and progressive slots.

IGT presents improved 3-reel Triple Diamond slots, the game developed after a huge success of Double Diamond game, its previous online version, which lacks in numerous advantages of a current version of the game. The game reaches its high rankings due to a great gameplay and convenient classic settings.

Triple Diamond Mobile Application

Triple Diamond slot machine is a slot game managed by an International Game Technology (IGT) Company. This is an advanced 3-reel slot machine with nine pay lines. The game brings more chances for players to win the tournaments, together with more winning combinations than its previous version, Double Diamond. Since, Double Diamond first brought a popularity to this type of games; modern slots are highly appreciated by players, who was adored by its previous version. The game offers good winnings, and interesting reels, together with simple and clear rules and conditions.

The rules of the game are simple: once playing the game a player gets two credits for every Triple Diamond symbol collected. In addition, three Triple Diamonds gives players a chance to achieve 2,000 credits. When matching up three symbols on ninth pay line, the jackpot of 25, 000 credits can be gained. The credits are offered as dimes, nickels, quarter pay choices, and other special symbols.

Furthermore, IGT has invented a special Triple Diamond slots platform, thus players need to play the game through this virtual platform only. This option can bring some difficulties; still since the platform is equipped with IGT original stereo sounds, backlit symbols and mechanical control the number of advantages is overrated disadvantages for sure.

In case with winnings, every game winner can get wins up to 1,000 credits from Triple Diamond slot machine. In case with larger winnings, players should reach a slot attendant.

Triple Diamond Free Spins Feature

Triple Diamond provides no free spins, bonus rounds or special bonus offers, since the only symbols acceptable here are wild ones. Still, the game can bring many paybacks for players, who adores classic games with a small number of pay lines, which lack of compound structure and problematic instruments. Besides, the developers provide a chance to play demo version of the game, but with limited credits and coins.

This 3-reel classic slot game, even while lacking of big payouts, offers bigger convenience, and provides great gaming experience. These days, many online casinos prefer replacing classic slots with modern video and progressive slots, still due to its special charm the game will remain popular in future, certainly.

The developers offer an improved 3-reel tournament with nine pay lines, presenting only wild symbols, thus players cannot get bonus rounds or free spins. The game lacks of multipliers and scatters, but it still can be offered in demo version. In addition, since IGT Company, which remains one of the chief gaming software developers, improves the slot machine, the game is popular everywhere in the world. It remains an example of an online tournament with a great gameplay, clear rules and conditions, and user-friendly interface.