Online Video Poker Guide

 Online Casino Reviews Canada Welcome to the Video Poker Guide. This casino game is surely on the top rating according to the feedback of Canadian gamblers. It’s actually simple to play such a game. We have gathered most valuable information on the topic of Video Poker Online. We are going to share with you the best strategies for winning the game. With time and small effort, you will reach a high level of proficiency in Video Poker gambling.

Scroll down for best video poker online tips and features.

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How to Play Online Video Poker

There is always an element of competence in Video Poker, sharpened techniques boost your chance to win. The web is overloaded with strategic points, and casino online providers offer customers to put your knowledge in practice for free.

Play Free online Video Poker and find the best strategies that work well for you. There are hundreds of online forums and blogs for video poker gamers with good content.

Gambling incorporates rises and fall, it is an inevitable phenomenon that you will have to face while gaining experience. Really Huge wins occur in practice seldom, and even then, casino finds a way to shop off a good bulk of your prize.

Types of Video Poker

There is a big array of Poker Video releases. Poker games are improved and developed almost every day. Some versions allow to make slight changes and add some elements to the gameplay. If you visit the gallery of video poker games for the first time, you’ll probably will be perplexed which one to try.

Among hundreds of various Video poker variants, our GUIDE features only a few most common ones. Firstly, Poker Video games may be either regular (single-handed) or multi-handed.

Jacks or Better

It is perhaps one of the most widespread variant of Video Poker Canada. It is used as an illustration in many poker guidelines. So, what is so special about Jack-or-Better that it is loved by most of the poker fans? Present in every online casino, this game gives payouts only in case of face card pairing.

Joker Poker

This variant of Video Poker Online is somewhere in the middle between Jacks-or-Better and Wild Poker, while it has the only wild card possible – the Joker. You are most likely to get more fortunate hand combinations than in Jacks-or-Better.

Bonus Poker

This one is almost the same as Jacks-or-Better, but it gives out awards for 4 same cards in one hand. There is multiple diversion of this Online Video Poker game, with payouts depending on the value of the cards.

Wild Poker

In this version of Video Poker there is a so called Wild card. It can stand in for any card. The minimum number of winning payouts are relatively higher than in traditional Video Poker Online versions.

Top 5 Video Poker Tips

There are several Video Poker tips that could become handy during the game. We have displayed the most effective ones in our Guide. Check them out and become a master of video Poker games!

Tip 1. Play maximum coins

The more coins you play, the bigger full value for the royal flush you can get (normally 800 for 1). If there are considerably small number of coins in your hand, then you have lower value in total (usually 250 for 1).

Definitely, the royal Flush doesn’t happen every time, but the chances to win grow extremely. So playing maximum number of coins in Poker results in bigger payouts.

Tip 2. Handle wild cards easily

There are really crazy Video poker games with attractive card combinations and multi-hands, but better to keep the hand on the minimum with wild cards.

Tip 3. Start with a single hand

You may choose any number of hands that is comfortable to you while gambling. Of course, we recommend beginners to start off with a single hand. With time and little bit of practice, you will learn how to handle 10 hands at once.

Tip 4. Game is for fun.

The primary function of the game is to get much fun, and not to earn loads of cash. Better stay relaxed and let a couple of losses crash your hopes. Play video poker whenever you like. If you are having bad luck, you can always stop and return to the playing platform later.

Tip 5. When to hold on.

Sometimes players receive a royal flush, quads, straight flush, full house and three same cards. In this moment, there is a big sense of temptation to let go. Don’t do that! On the contrary, the best possible move would be to hold on in this situation.

Video Poker Glossary

Deal – a player receives at the beginning 5 cards in his or her hand.

Discard Cards – cards which you refuse to hold.

Double up – in video Poker online, a gambler can always choose to double the winning.

Flush – five cards of the same suit

Full House – the combination of cards in a single hand which has two or three identical symbols.

Hand – first five cards received by the player

Straight – a winning combination of cards which make a consecutive order (6-7-8-9-10)

Video Poker Rules

  1. Choose the value of each wager.
  2. After selecting the size of the credit, decide how many credits you want to bet for one time.
  3. Press the Deal button to start the game.
  4. After the cards are dealt to the player, choose the cards to hold and the rest return to the gameboard. Gather as many winning combinations as possible.
  5. Be ready to get new cards that come as a replacement of the returned ones. If the new coming cards helps create a winning row, you’ve won!
  6. In some Online free Poker variants, it is possible to go for Bonus Round. This move is available for the winning hands. In the Bonus round the cards are dealt face up and face down. Once you open a face-down card and it has a bigger value than the face-up card, it’s a win!

Some special Features of Video Poker

Wild cards can substitute any other card in the hand in order to form a winning row. For example, Joker Poker game by rules make joker card automatically wild. Play video poker with best wins and awards!

Hold and Auto Hold are the options available in many games, including Jacks and Better. If you set auto hold, the machine will give recommendations on which card to keep.

Gamble is another special feature offered by many online casinos. It allows you to play double or nothing winning in a game of any complexity.

Level Up is a type of Poker that is long-term oriented, when winning hands can promote players into upper levels of the game with higher payouts.

Minimum paying hands gain gamblers a payout under certain circumstances.


Video Poker Canada is one of the most Canadian’s popular online casino games of all times. It opens doors to all who would like to experience Poker word with no pressure and external competition. The instructions of the game are so plain and straightforward, that gamblers lose themselves in a snap in front of the monitor or mobile screen. Stay for some time in a safe zone and conquer main winning strategies.